• Alisirag


  • Daniel Bentes

    Daniel Bentes

    Former software engineer, solution architect and product manager. Now strategist, working on building teams that build things.

  • Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy

    Technologist, developer, husband and father. Geeky for #cybersecurity, #cyberintelligence, ML/AI & Data Science. CTO @ TruSTAR @trustartech

  • Yu SAITO (齋藤 佑)

    Yu SAITO (齋藤 佑)

    個人の意見・備忘録で所属機関等と関連はありません。ORQID ID:https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9108-4697 Researchmap:https://researchmap.jp/iBouncer/

  • Wataru Sato

    Wataru Sato

  • Alan Noble

    Alan Noble

    Editor-in-Chief at Christ & Pop Culture, Associate Professor of English, Oklahoma Baptist University, author of Disruptive Witness (IVP '18) & #hcqa1.

  • Oksana Stowe

    Oksana Stowe

    Partner at Redrice. Japanese calligraphy lover

  • Duc Ha Duong

    Duc Ha Duong

    Entrepreneur, father, barbarian, dreamer, prospectivist, teal evangelist, optimistic, french-vietnamese, parisian, feminist, caretaker. Blind to legal fictions.

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